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We serve middle income families as well as high net worth clients. Tandem Reps have exclusive access to "The Comprehensive Financial Planning System" (CFPS), a unique system to prepare legitimate financial plans that create more discretionary income for most clients.

Developing a Budget

Tandem Securities provides financial tools to aid you in creating a budget, so you know precisely how your income is being spent. Identification and creation of monthly cash flow is an important first step in developing a long term plan for accumulating wealth.

College Funding

Prepare for your child's future with a flexible college fund. Tandem Securities has access to State 529 Plans as well as Coverdale ESA Plans to accumulate college funds on a tax favored basis.

Income Tax Planning

Tandem Representatives can help you project the income tax consequences of your investment decisions and suggest strategies to legally reduce your Federal income tax liability.

Retirement Planning

How much would you need to retire comfortability? Tandem Reps can show how much may be required to maintain your current living standard with inflation, after retirement and develop a plan to help you accumulate adequate funds.

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